Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Better than Dada

You know what's better than Dada.


Monday, October 5, 2009

People Who Make Me Crazy: Episode 1 of a multi-part series

You know who makes me crazy!? Well, lots of people, frankly. But right near the top of that rather lengthy list is Samantha Harris--the single WORST host on television today. She's the side kick the ineffable--and nonstupid--DANCING WITH THE STARS host Tom Bergeron. Samantha Harris stands next to Tom, wearing fancy dresses, and clumsily throwing to the next bit of the show. That seems really unnecessary and old fashioned, but its not why I can't stand her. What makes me nuts is when she interviews the dancers waiting for their scores. Samantha Harris routinely offers stupid, incomprehensible, and clumsy commentary. How has this woman not lost her job already? I know she's cute (good heaven's she has great arms!) but come on. My boxer dog could improvise better segue's than this gal.

Whenever Special K and I watch DANCING WITH THE STARS--which, who are we kidding, is every time its on--I insist on repeating every awful thing she says. Usually in a voice intended to emphasize her stupidity. This has recently led Special K to ask me to, "Back off."

What is this instinct to protect Samantha Harris from the Drummer's snark? Why is he running to her defense? Is Special K perchance mesmerized by her many wardrobe changes a night? Is it the arms? I am left to wonder.....