Saturday, November 29, 2008

My coolness

Good news. My coolness just went up a couple of degrees. It's been a while since I had any coolness transfusions and I was really overdue. I was starting to complain about the damn music being too loud. It's a bad sign.

So I bought myself some groovy handheld technology. I feel much better!

Friday, November 21, 2008

This name is SOoooo Bad!

The Dada Drummer has been swamped with boring non-Drumming work in recent days, a ridiculous busyness made painfully manifest in my blog silence.

Only one power in the world could awaken the ire of the Dada Drummer enough to break the too-much-work spell. Only one thing could force me from my bed and much-needed sleep at 6am on a Friday to sit behind this stupid keyboard. . . A REALLY FREAKIN' AWFUL NAME!

Ready for it?



Jessica Simpson's baby sister Ashlee (no, seriously, she's a baby) just had a baby boy. She and her teen boy lover have fouled this new creation of Almighty God with what I'm prepared to call the WORST NAME EVER.

First name BRONX...because Brooklyn is too popular and girlie I suppose...and the middle name in the JUNGLE BOOK character raised by freakin' wolves!!!

Oh. My. Dada.

We have reached a new low as a culture. Crap! And just when the elections had buoyed my optimism about our progress as a nation, this happens.

As Special K would say, "Mother Puss Bucket!" Now I'm REALLY depressed!