Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Wake the kids! Call your neighbors! Tryndee Nayme Wednesday is back!

The event will run long this time to compensate for my lousy timing. We won't close the book until Thursday night.

This week we have a lovely couple expecting their second child. Let's help them find the hippest, trendiest, most awesome name ever!!

Baby Girl November 28

Mom is a former Dillard's cosmetics department manager who now stays at home with the kids and sells Avon on the side. Her interests include doll collecting, beading, and "Dancing with the Stars."

Dad teaches ballet, tap, and jazz at his dance studio "Fabulous Feet." He is also active as a cub scout leader for their son's Tiger Cub den. The Big Brother to be is named Hayden-Michael Jerome


Terra Incognita

Sorry for my absence of late, gentle readers. I have been preparing for a trip to dark and scary Terra Incognita--also known as Tenureland. I had to spend many sleepless days packing my bags for the journey--filling them with safari equipment and travelogues I've collected for the last several years. The departure was yesterday morning and now I'm on a long, slow boat. Frankly, it makes me pretty nauseus.

Hopefully, I will disembark at Tenureland in a few weeks time. There is always the fearful possibility that mysterious winds might blow me off course to other territories--undiscovered countries from whose bourne no traveler returns...for longer than a year.

But there's wind in my sails now and I feel hopeful. Wish me good and safe waters, friends!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Crimson Alert! tydwbleach Needs Our Help!

It's time to put those thinking hats on and help tydwbleach name her dog!

Those of you who know the unmasked Dada Drummer probably played this game last Spring to help name the Dada Puppy. There was some good work done there! Now apply your genius to this problem:

TYDWBLEACH: "Got a dog, her name is LADY we hate this name. Need a name that sort of sounds like it. So far have come up with Baby, Lanie, AMY, GRACIE, SADIE,BAILEY so many lame others. Ususally since Bill makes guitars we name dogs after music things... Like Boogie, Banjo and Riley (BB Kings real name). KATIE is another one we thought of.... So far I like GRACIE the best Bill says NOT FOR A DOG. Well, he is calling her AMY and I say NOT FOR A DOG we need a name with a LONG A sound."

Now right off the bat, I have to say that GRACIE is off the dog name list. Because I dislike it? No! Because it is the name of Dada Drummer's favorite 14 year old girl. Out of respect for her, can't recommend that name for a dog.

Here is my first choice for you:

Second choice:

If the LONG A sound can be tossed out of criteria:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

One More Day to Take Poll...

First of all, I must report my relief that no one has yet selected "Jesus Take the Wheel" as their life lyrics in the poll. That's a truly terrifying song. Truly.

But I am here to nudge you all to go ahead and vote before that poll closes. Voting in blog polls is a sacred act and your duty as God-fearing Americans. I mean seriously people.

Think about it: If you don't vote on my blog polls, the terrorists have already won.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

And the winner is...

Last week, the Dada Drummer didn't name a winner in Tryndee Nayme Wednesday. This didn't sit well with some of you fine readers. It seems that SOME of you only work for rewards (thanks, Capitalism!) and are sad about the absence of clear outcomes. I think I saw one of you even cry.

So if you must know, Mrs. CL was the clear winner last week. Come on, you knew that! She was brilliant. But I'll say it anyway.

And because we're not supposed heap praise on any one person for fear of demoralizing the others (thanks I'M OK YOU'RE OK!) I guess I shouldn't say that her Wynstyn Earnhart was my favorite this week for its brilliant double signification of Earn as in $ and Earn as in Dale (thanks, NASCAR!) .

And I can't say that I liked danbuck's Lowy Pricelynd because he already got a university grad student paper award this week and I can't abide his head swelling.

And I guess I can't express my delight in the syllabic nonesense of Shannon's entry Crafton Alabamah. Nor can I reward her uncanny understanding that this couple was, in fact,not only from Alabama but also hardcore fans of the eponymous country music group.

Maybe next week some of you could suck at this more and make it easier. Work on that.

Sadly, anonymous's choice of Landynn Laird is disqualified because that is so obviously a girls's name. And anonymous's second choice of Mullet Head lacks the requisite extra syllables and excessive letters "y" and "h". Perhaps if you'd cree-ative-leigh spelled it as "Muh'lette Heyde" I could have choosen it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Baby Boy November 14

Mom is Wal-Mart Christmas department floor manager. Dad cuts hair in the Wal-Mart style shop.

Name should coordinate with existing siblings: big brother Braedin Logan and twin sisters Mack'ynzee Briannah and Mack'kaylee Savannah.

Baby is due Thanksgiving get busy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More BLOGifts

This one is for MO because he's my favorite Law Professor and campaigner of justice. Plus he knows A LOT about drugs. Don't ask.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Season of Giving

According to the local Wal-Mart (where I refuse to shop), it is Christmas already. Whoopee Freakin' Doo. But I hate to disappoint the kids. So from now until Dec. 25, the Dada Drummer will be periodically giving out well-deserved Christmas "BLOGifts".

The first present goes out to Unexposed Granite. Why? Because he asked for it.

Here are your t-shirts. Both size large.Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tryndee Nayme Wednesday!

Fraternal twins (boy and girl), November 7

Mom is a former fashion modern and hard-drinking party girl turned hip urban mommy.
Dad is a bitter soap opera writer with an MFA in playwriting from Yale.


I went on a picnic and I brought...

Alistair Cooke
Bette Davis
Cartier Diamonds
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. & Jr.
Esther Williams
Fat Albert
Great Expectations
Hooters Restaurant
the Indigo Girls
Julia Child
Katharine Hepburn
The L-Word 3rd Season DVD Pack
Marquis de Sade PJs
Nine Tails, cat of
Oscar de la Renta
Quincy Jones
Richard Dawkins
Tales of the City DVD Collectors Edition
Unambiguous Sexuality
Virginia Woolfe
Warren, Leslie Ann
Xena, Warrior Princess
Yul Brenner
and Zero Mostel

Monday, November 5, 2007

Shall We Play a Game?

Who wants to play? Let's see how quickly we can get to Z. No one can go twice in a row. And let's use our brains, people! Endeavor to create patterns and themes. Go!

I went on a picnic and I brought...

Alastair Cooke

Thursday, November 1, 2007

For S.D.

I went to Alaska and I brought...

a lesbian
a monkey
a noodle
The Octoroon
a pedophile

a queen

a racist
a sexist
a transvestite
an underwear model
a vasectomy scar
a watermelon
a Z-pack
an androgynous boy
a ballistics text
a doctor
an eclair
the Frugal Gourmet
an igloo
Justin Timberlake
and a kite

We have a WINNER!

Thank you GOBIAS for the disgustingly tryndee and well-researched entry:

Monastique Frances Willard Hefeweizen.

Cheers! The Dada Drummer is pleased! Your prize is a copy of Luther's "Small Catechism"--you can buy yourself one at You're welcome.