Monday, July 28, 2008

Non-Stupid Heroes Series, Episode 1

It goes without saying that stupid people are the biggest obstacle we face to world peace, clean water, and losing those last 10 pounds. They totally suck.

I will always have lots to say about stupid people (and the names they give their babies) but I wou
ld also like to periodically offer you a glimpse at some of the most non-stupid people who have ever lived.

The first person on my list of non-stupid heroes is Fred Rogers. He loved books, music, and make-believe. He was courageously kind and deeply compassionate. Plus he wore a cardigan. Need more reasons to marvel at the wonderfulness of Saint Mr. Rogers?
Read This.

**Note: This posting brought to you by the letters D, E, R, another E, and K. **

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Notes on Baby Names, episode 1

Nicole Kidman named the baby Sunday Rose. You know what? I actually like it. Surprised? Me, too.

Come back to the five and dime, Dada Drummer, Dada Drummer!

I've been on a blogging fast for the last seven weeks. It was part of an overall rejection of worldliness that my guru prescribed. She thought selling my possessions, renouncing technology, and eating raw food would all help cure me of my grouchiness and kvetching. I learned a lot. Here are my revelations:

1. Stupidity exists among the enlightened as well as the unenlightened.

2. Lack of protein makes the Dada Drummer more grumpy not less.

3. Without a blog to use for venting, the Dada Drummer picks mercilessly on the shorter monks.

4. Raw carrots give the Dada Drummer the hiccups.

5. Even "Welcoming ashrams for the spiritually seeking" have their limits.

So I left. And no matter what Sister Nirvana says on Larry King, I broke up with the ashram first! I promptly sold the rights to my story to We television (look for the exciting world premiere of LIFE AND TIMES OF A SUBURBAN BUDDHA during fall sweeps! Valerie Bertinelli is playing me!) and used the cash to buy some totally sweet new worldly possessions. Including the rockin' new PC from which I am blogging at this very moment.

In other words, dear drummers. I'm back.