Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tryndee Nayme Gayme-NEVAEH edition

If you are not already aware of this fad, let the Dada Drummer be the first to alert you to the popularity of novelty name NEVAEH for baby girls in the United States. The name has moved from non-existence to obscurity to trendiness in a matter of about 36 months.

But why is it a novelty name? Because it's HEAVEN spelled backwards. Sigh.

Like any fad--or plague--this is sure to spread. So let's ride the front of the wave, drummers!!

Your challenge this week is to backwards spell any word in order to invent an original tryndee nayme. The winning names will be those that most please the expectant Mom and Dad.

Let me introduce you! Nora and Aron Setates are from central Ohio. Their interests include television, John Grisham novels, Appelbees, and outlet malls. Aron is a regional manager in the copier industry. Nora left her job as a bank teller to stay at home with their first born who is named, you guessed it, Nevaeh.

FOODIES Favorites!

You rocked the house on last week's name game! The Foodie Mom and Dad have reported to me their front runners(boy and girl):

Bleu Fromage-Hommage

Picón Cabrales

Petitepois Cornichon Escoffier


When the little yummy darling arrives, you call expect to receive FABULOUS muffin baskets!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On Domino's, BROOKLYN, and other evils.....

And the number one sign that we've given up as a culture....

FYI: The Dada Drummer will buy you some nice chinese take out NOT to name your baby Brooklyn!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Canadians have bad taste, too!

Just so you don’t think that I only want to pick on U.S. Parents with terrible baby naming skills, here’s some evidence of moniker madness North of the border.

6,440 girl names and 5,134 boy names were bestowed in Alberta in 2007. Here are a few of the more unusual ones:

Girl Names
Aruba, Aunesty
Chaos, Charlemagne, Coltanna
Eckoe, Ellexis, Emma-Star-Ulaniq
Jedhi, Jurnee
Legacy, Lexxannah
Manning, Million, Morningstar
Raynebow-Roze, RocRock
Thistle, Tutu
Wes-Leigh, Whisper
Zamber, Zamzam

Boy Names
Ambiious, Atlas
Bienvenito, Blue-Quill, Bluesky
Chancellor, Courage, Cowboy
Elilei, Ewuak
Felony, Frandon, Furious
Hush, Husky
Izic, Jackpine
Little, Loyal
Manchester, Midnite, Milwaukee
Rainbow, Ripkin, Ryott
Slim, SyliceVirgil
Zedric, Zero

The Dada Drummer feels a bit dizzy from this list. But I do have a few questions....

Do you think Jedhi and Ewauk are siblings? What about Manning and Ripkin?
How will babies Aunesty and Ambiious every learn to spell?
Can God's give self-esteem guidance to little Zero?
I guess I know how you decorate a nursery for baby Tutu, but what does baby Felony's room look like?

And this just in for the parents of Emma-Star-Ulaniq and Obsidian-Angel! The hypen called and it's PISSED!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tryndee Nayme Gayme---GOURMAND EDITION

The Dada Drummer is both fascinated and horrified by California Goddess Laurie's suggestion of Bologna and Dijon as place names. In my dreamy brain these names blended with California Goddess Shannon's name origins at an A&W drive-in to create a VISION for this week's game.

Mom and Dada are sophisticated American foodies expecting their first (and probably only) child. Mom's hobbies include collecting signed celebrity cookbooks and attending specialty cheese-tasting shows (she's grumpy about being off blue and soft-ripened cheeses during the pregnancy!). Dad is an artisan jam maker whose clients include Giada, Rachel, Martha, and Ida. They are in need of the most deliciously original food themed name you can invent!

Bon Appetite!


There were some outstanding and outrageous Tryndee Puppee Naymes last week! I've heard that decided to just call the pup Max.

Oh, well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It may surprise you that the Dada Drummer has any unfulfilled fantasies. After all, what on Earth can be more satisfying than publically ranting about stupid baby names and bad movies? The Drummer may seem to be the object of envy to many, and yet I harbor secret fantasies.

Oh, how I wish I were a wicked smart gay man! Fashion-forward-fabulous! Invited to cool NY Fashion week shows! Pals with Saint Tim of the Gunn! In other words, in the deepest desires of my heart, I long to be one of the Project Rungay boys. Sigh.

Project Rungay is a necessity for all those who, like the Drummer, are endlessly delighted by the likes of Jay, Santino, Chloe, and that crazy tatooed guy from last season. My favorite this year is Big Gay Chris. I hope he wins it all.

The Project Rungay boys also have a personal blog which seems to mostly be devoted to pointing out fabulousness in old MGM movies. The Dada Drummer puts a stamp of approval on THAT!

Increase your own personal fabulosity today by check out either of their seriously marvelous blogs...kittens!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A DOZEN STUPID MOVIES...just in case you were wondering

Red Dawn
Pretty Woman
Patch Adams
Pearl Harbor
The Day After Tomorrow

Place Names as First Names

I have been thinking a lot lately about place names given as baby names. The choice is old. After all, Florence and Virginia are not new additions to the naming circuit. But in recent weeks I have heard of the arrival of both a baby "Canada" and a baby "Kansas". Trendeeeee baby naming sites abound with inventive--and increasingly popular--place names. Consider the 90s trends of Dakota, Sierra, and Montana. The last couple of years have seen a spike in off-beat choices like Brooklyn, Boston, and Indiana. And of course entertainment abounds with examples of this style: Paris, London, Ireland, China, India.

I am trying hard here people (see below for more on the Drummer's Lenten promise to tell people they're stupid a little less often) but I can't like these. Not a one. Not at all.

Are there any place names out there that you loyal drummers can think of which are NOT stupid? Send them in! And I don't mean "technically" place names. Sophia may also be a place, but it is not in the category of "place name" and you know it.

While I await your feedback, I'll go for the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach and start picking a really awful place name to circulate on the baby name discussion boards. Use the poll here at Dada Drummer Headquarters to help me out!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tryndee Nayme Gayme--PUPPY Edition

Have you heard?? UNO the Beagle won Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club! He beat out the winningnest dog in the US, a poodle named VIKKI. It was quite a shocker!

But what if, after the show, Uno and Vikki met up to share a water bowl and bury the hatchet? And what if that tete-a-tete blossomed into something a litter of seven bouncing pups!!

And what if the Dada Drummer let you NAME A PUPPY!

Mom is the Toy Poodle VIKKI (Smash JP Win a Victory) and Dad is the champion Beagle UNO (K-Run's Park Me In First).

THIS WEEK'S RULES: Use the letters of each parent's fancy registered name (in parenthesis) to give the puppy a new fancy registered name and a new CALL NAME.

And since it's a big litter, feel free to name a few of the pups!! Have fun!

Last Week's Baby Name Gayme WINNER

First of all--sorry tydwbleach--but if any contestant on PR is a likely candidate to be the love child of Heidi and Tim, it’s Christian. Sweet P might be the nanny, but that’s it.

Now for the winners:
3. Hildi Nu-Kim Nutmeg
2. MidHug Klimt Ennui
1. "King" Denim Muhlitu

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You're Either IN or Your're OUT!

I have four words for you: BEST. REALITY. SHOW. EVER. That's right!! It's the Tryndee Nayme Boggle Factor Gayme PROJECT RUNWAY Edition!

Your challenge this week is name the fashion-forward glamour baby of HEIDI KLUM and TIM GUNN. You must use all the letters in their names to generate the fierce new moniker for their tiny little style icon.

Entries will be acceped from tonight until next Wednesday.

Make It Work, Designers!

Last Week's Baby Name Gayme WINNER

You had some CRAZY good entries this week, readers! And considering that you were working with two names that didn't have a single freakin' "E" between them, well, I really couldn't be any prouder!

But in this season of political theatre, there was one clear winner. Kudos to one of my two favorite California goddesses...

Lorry Cohabit Banana MacKill.
"Today, I tearfully acknowledge my use of a PEP -- performance- enhancing program. In suspending my campaign, I urge all of you to continue to fight for the right to engage in offspring naming abuse. Can we do it? Yes, we can!In closing my friends, let my mistake serve as a cautionary tale. Always remember that your children, too, could end up named for a 16-wheeled, vaguely disreputable piece of presumably Scottish fruit if you engage in such behavior. God bless America!"

Don't You Like Anything?

The Dada Drummer has been accused of being overly grouchy about creative trends in contemporary baby naming. Well, duh.

But the Dada Drummer has made a Lenten promise to be less curmudgeonly and is thus publishing a list of names that carry the DD seal of approval. Look to the right of the screen and you'll notice an alphabetical sampling of names the Drummer actually likes.

There, are you happy?

(p.s. I'd love to hear your responses to the list. I would also welcome your own A-Z of good names.)