Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tryndee Nayme "Boggle Factor" Gayme: The Political Edition

Wake the kids! It's time for this week's installment of the Dada Drummer's New and Improved Winter/Spring 2008 Tryndee Nayme "Boggle Factor" Gayme 2.0!!!!

The Set Up:
When a freak CNN live-feed satellite truck accidently claims the lives of Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama, Hillary and Barack turn to each other for emotional support. What starts as friendship ends in romance and eventually produces a love child prophesied to be the One to unite the Democrats. Name That Baby!

(Rules of the Game: You must use all the letters in the names Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to generate a new, and preferable tryndee, name for their tiny presidential hopeful. Entries will be accepted for one week.)

Rockin' Bogglin'!

You people rock.

While I suspect iplawguy is correct that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo probably couldn't imagine anything wittier than TONY SIMPSON ROMO, there were still some AMAZING entries in the New and Improved Winter/Spring 2008 Tryndee Nayme "Boggle Factor" Gayme 2.0!!!

In fact, I'd like to give a few shout outs...

Buck (SPORT-JOY MESSIANIC MOONS) and Clay (SOSSA OMNISCIENT JOY ROMP) get props for excellent use of real words in their naming. I choose to believe they wrote these entries because of their awareness of noun-based baby naming trends (ask me about the recent babies I know of named Fox, Canada, Story, and Kansas) rather than thinking that these find gamers used on-line descrambling sites to play!

My hat is off to Carver's JIMMY "NOISES" TACO SPONSOR. This name has it all. Believability, a kicky hip hop nickname, and a suggested profession. Plus its stupid. Excellent!

I enjoyed the Meatball's JASPER SOSIMION McSNOOTY because it's fun to imagine the happy parents inventing their own new last name by combing their favorite restaurant and their strongest character trait. Good one.

But my favorite entry has got to be the offering from California goddess Shannon. TESSIMY JONICAS ROMO SPON is an all around big winner for me not only because Tissimy could pass for an actual stupid name, but also because the word play on "spawn" makes me giggle.

Many thanks to all who played this week. Your new nayme gayme will be posted later today. Tell your friends!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tryndee Nayme Wednesday....with a Twist!

I know you Tryndee Nayme Wednesday Fans have been on pins and needles, waiting for the return of the most annoying game on the blogosphere. But we at Dada Headquarters commissioned a Dada Think Tank to investigate issues in Tryndee Nayme Gaming and the group, frankly, met longer than expected. I should never have set them up in Stockholm. Live and Learn.

The New and Improved Winter/Spring 2008 Tryndee Nayme Gayme 2.0 features a kicky new name and a new degree of creative difficulty. We at Dada Universe, Inc. like to call it the "Boggle Factor". I'll give you the parents names and description (if they aren't already well known) and your job is to rearrange the letters of their names to create something both Tyrndee & Gnew.

1) You have to use all the letters in both parents names
2) You can't add new letters
3) New Name can have as many parts as you like

Ready? OK!
Tryndee Gnew Boggle Factor Nayme Gayme, January 23

Use all the letters in their names to generate an original moniker for the love child of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo.

Entries will be accepted from today until the new game is posted next Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calling the Dada Drummer! Can you Hear Me!

Greetings Friends and World Travelers!

I have heard you calls in the night--where is the Dada Drummer?? Well, it's a long story. And I'm under a court order not to disclose the details on about 97% of it. Here's what I can say: Secret Service guys have no sense of humor at all. Zilch. If they unseal the records, I'll be able to tell you why one day. Suffice it to say this story was not covered on or Fox News. But I had a break from the normal routine. Somewhere warm, it seemed. Hard to tell with no windows.

The good news is that I'm back now. And can legally blog again.

The bad news is that my houseplants are all dead, my passport has been confiscated, and I have to wear this awkward monitering device.

Live and learn!