Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stupid things YOU did in 2010

I have been watching you and I have a few complaints. Here is my short list of stupid things you did in 2010.

* Watched TITANIC on TBS.

* Said the word "jeggings" in context.

* Worn your slippers to the grocery store.

* Told a new mother that her baby's ridiculous name sounded "special."

* Thought to yourself, "That Joel Osteen seems to have some pretty sound ideas."

* Forwarded an e-mail about how Obama might not be a legal citizen of the United States.

* Eaten a McFlurry.

* Been concerned that you should have a larger television.

* Admired a Thomas Kinkaid print at Mardels.

* Considered purchasing "Pajama Jeans"

See if you can work a little harder on this in 2011. Thanks.


WI_Dilettante said...

I will if you will!

Anonymous said...

Fourteen years after its release and I am proud to still be Titanic-free.

I did say "jeggings," but it was dripping with irony, so that shouldn't count. And the baby's name was "breathtaking."

You will have to expound on your Osteen beef the next time I see you.

فن بیان said...

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